Introduction to Free Spins

Are you fan of slot games. If your answer is yes, you might have come across the term fre spins. So what is it and why should we be concerned? Well, before we define it, visit to have an overview of free spins.

What is Free Spins

The simplest way to define a free spin is any spin in a slot game that does not require a player to use his money. when playing a free spin round, you have a chance of winning that is equal to the real money.

Free spins can happen in different parts of the game. They are designed to happen randomly. In other cases, you are required to unlock a certain milestone before you get free spins. There are two ways to unlock and play with free spins;

  • Unlocking bonus feature
  • As a promotional feature
  • Reaching a certain milestone in the game

In some casinos, you will only get free spins on specific slots. Instead of giving players free money, they give you free spins to boost your winning chances. Free spin bonus is normaly activated in the event when there are three scatter symbols on the reel.

Welcome Free Spins

There are different slots offering welcome bonuses in form of free spins. Here, the player creates an account then deposits the money to wager. Such free spins enable the player to familiarize themselves with the slot before they start to wager real money.

No Deposit Free Spins

In some cases, there are some casinos that offers welcome free spins to players even before depositing money in their accounts. Such slots aims at atracting players and giving them a chance to teste the site before making their final decision.

Terms and Coditions

All these free spins are tied to different wagering requirements. The wagering requirement makes sure you play a certain time with real money beforewithdrawing the winnings from the bonus. There are different reasons as to why casinos put wagering requirement on bunuses;

  • They prebvent players from misusing such bonuses.
  • They make sure that players have played with real money.

Free Spin Winnings

During the round involving free spin, all the winnings are paid to players with a specific multiplier (on wins). The payouts can be doubled, tripled, etc (at times it can be even higher). It all depends on the type of slot you are playing.

The Bottom Line

As we wind up, we have seen different occasions when a player can get free spins. In most cases, it is when they register a new account. At other times, the player can unlock them after reaching a certain milestone within the game.

Last modified: 21 July 2021